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These resources are organized by location. Click on the location below to view the list of resources in that area. To do a search by catalog number or key words, use the search box to the right.

Microfiche, Microfilm, and Books by Location:
1587 Land Grant Alabama Alabama & Mississippi America Arizona
Arkansas Arkansas/Oklahoma Austria Bahamas Bavaria
Belgium Belgium, Germany British Isles California Canada
Canada, Massachusetts Canada, New Jersey Carolina Central Europe Colorado
Conn., N.Y., Penn., Connecticut Czechoslovakia Delaware Delaware - New York
Deleware Denmark Denmark/Norway England England & America
England & Ireland England & Wales England and Ireland England and New York England and Wales
England, United States England/Massachusetts England/Virginia England/Wales Europe
Europe, United States, South Africa, Canada FAMILY Finland Florida France
Georgia German Empire Germany Germany, Illinois Germany, Indiana
Germany/Indiana Germany/Iowa Germany/Pennsylvania Germany/Poland Germany/Poland/Russia
Great Britain Greece Hawaii Holland Hungary
Idaho Illinois Illinois, Bond, Greenville Illinois, Bond, Mullberry Grove Township Illinois, IA, MO
Indian Territory Indiana Indiana/Illnois Iowa Iowa and Missouri
Ireland Ireland & Virginia Ireland, Massachusetts, Connecticut Ireland/Canada Ireland/Massachusetts
Ireland/New York Israel Italy Italy/Louisiana Ivory Coast
Jugoslaviji Kansas Kentucky Kentucky & Virginia Kentucky and Iowa
Leeds, Androscoggin County, Maine Louisiana Maine Maine & Connecticut Maine, Androscoggin, Leeds
Maryland Maryland & Pennsylvania & Germany Massachusetts Massachusetts, Maine, Ohio Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Nova Scotia, New York, Kentucky, California, Oregon, Oklahoma, Indiana
Mexico Michigan Michigan/Wisconsin Midwest, United States Minnesota
Mississippi Missouri Missouri & Illinois Missouri & Kansas Montana
Montana, Wisconsin N & S Carolina National Archives Nebraska Netherlands
Netherlands, Illinois New England New England & New York New England/Canada New Hampshire
New Hampshire, Maine New Jersey New Jersey & Ohio New Jersey & N.Y. New Jersey also New York and Pennsylvania
New Mexico New York New York/Massachusetts no location North America
North Caolina North Carolina North Central States North Dakota Norway
Nova Scotia Ohio Ohio & Kentucky Oklahoma Ontario
Ontario, Canada Oregon Oregon, Idaho Penn. & New York Pennsylvania
Pennsylvania AND Illinois Pennsylvania, Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee, Kentucky, Ohio, etc. Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia Philadelphia Poland
Polynesia Prussia Québec Revoluntioary War Rhode Island
Russia S.W. United States Saarland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia Scotland Scotland & Poland
Scotland, Indiana Scotland, Ireland Scotland/Idaho South Carolina South Dakota
Sweden Switzerland Tenn. Indiana, Alaba Tennessee Texas
Texas & New Mexico Texas, Missouri United States US & Canada US Pacific Northwest
Utah Utah & Pennsylvania Utah, Hawaii Utah, Mississippi Various
Vermont Vermont/Iowa Virginia Virginia and east Tennessee Virginia and West Virginia
Virginia, now West Virginia Viriginia Wales Washington Washington D.C.
Wenatchee FHC West Prussia West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming