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Location: Finland
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CAT# Type Location County Title Author Subject Notes
0055163 Film Finland Uudempi tilikirjakokoelma=Den nyare rakenskapssamlingen:Laanintilit, 1635-1809 Provincial accounts of Turku-Pori & Ahvenanmaa counties containing land records, retractions, mill, livestock & seed tax lists, tithings, fines, custom revenues, general accounts, military, and census lists etc.
0124211 film Finland Kirkeboker Den Norske kirke. Talvik prestegjeld D°pte b.1 1706-1729; D°pte b.2 1729-1735; D°pte b.3 1735-1752; D°pte b.4 1752-1771; D°pte b.5 1772-1798; Introduserte b.1 1706-1729 Introduserte b.2 1729-1735; Introduserte b.3 1735-1752; Introduserte b.4 1752-1776; Introduserte b.7 1813-1821; Absolverte b.4 1753-1767; Absolverte b.5 1773-1778; Kommunikantere b.1 1705-1729; Kommunikantere b.2 1729-1735; Kommunikantere b.3 1735-1752; Kommunikantere b.4 1752-1776
6049183 Fiche-2 Finland Carr & Johnson Families: Gogebic Range Pioneers Bruce K. Cox