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Location: Ohio
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CAT# Type Location County Title Author Subject Notes
0195468 Film Ohio Official Roster of the soldiers of the state of Ohio in the Rebellion 1861-1866 Index, D-H, books 3-5, pages 673-1455
0313453 film Ohio Meigs Marriage records Probate Court of Meigs County Marriages, v. 1-2, 1819-1862
0337938 Film Ohio Brown, Butler, Belmont 1830 US Census Census Office 1820-1840 federal census; population schedules
0432603 Film Ohio Encyclopedia of American Quaker genealogy William W. Hinshaw
0432604 Film Ohio Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy William Wade Hinshaw
0432605 Film Ohio Encyclopedia of American Quaker Genealogy William Wade Hinshaw
0874392 Film Ohio Van Wert History of Van Wert County, Ohio & representative citizens Gilliland, Thaddeus Stephens also digitized
0874754-4 Film Ohio Summit An Ohio family in Summit county Ohio, descendants of Henry O'brien, Adam Steel, William Galloway and others Harold Duryee item #4 on film
0927766 Film Ohio Columbiana Marriage Records, 1803-1961; index, 1803-1957 Ohio. Probate Court (Columbiana County) Ohio, Columbiana - Vital records Microfilm of original records in the Columbiana County Courthouse, Lisbon, Ohio. Additional indexes at beginning of some volumes.
0928094-2 film Ohio The Steen family in Europe and America : a genealogical, historical and biographical record of nearly three hundred years, extending from the seventeenth to the twentieth century Steen, Moses D. A. (Moses Duncan Alexander), Genealogy of various Steen families in the United States, Ireland, and elsewhere. Partial contents: bk. 1. Descendants of Robert Steen [b. ca. 1730, of Ireland and Lancaster Co., Pa.]. -- bk. 2. Descendants of James Steen [ca. 1734-1780, of Ireland and Union District, S.C.] -- bk. 3. Descendants of William Steen [b. ca. 1738] of Ireland and Union District, S.C.] -- bk. 4. Descendants of Matthew Steen [1755-1835, of Ireland and Washington Co., Pa.] -- bk. 5. Descendants of James Steen [b. ca. 1730, of County Antrim, Ireland, whose children immigrated to America] -- bk. 6. Descendants of George Steen [1758-1836, of Ireland, Lancaster Co., Pa., and Tippecanoe Co., Ind.] -- bk. 7. Descendants of Frederick Steen [1755-ca. 1815, of Lancaster Co., Pa. and Knox Co., Ky., whose family migrated to Missouri] -- bk. 8. Descendants of Moses Steen [1718-1795, of Culmore, Ireland] -- bk. 9. Descendants of John Steen [1759-1852] of Balleney, Ireland] -- bk. 10. Descendants of Matthew Steen [1771-1868, of County Tyrone, Ireland, Pennsylvania, and Noble Co., Ohio] -- bk. 11. Descendants of James Steen [of northern Ireland and Chester Co., Pa.] -- bk. 12. Descendants of James Steen [of Ulster, Ireland] -- bk. 13. Descendants of Robert M. Steen [1810-1894, of Ireland, Indiana, and Missouri] -- bk. 14. Descendants of James Steen [1714-1796, of Atrim, Ireland] -- bk. 15. Descendants of Alexander Steen [1716-1798, of -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Antrim, Ireland] -- bk. 16. Descendants of David Steen [of County Londonderry, Ireland. Some of his descendants settled in New York, Pennsylvania and Ohio.] Descendants of David Steen [m. ca. 1795, of northern Ireland, whose son lived at Berlin Heights, Ohio] -- bk. 17. Descendants of James Steen [1761-1826, of Malpos, England; Brattleboro, Vt.; and Richland, N.Y.] -- bk. 18. Miscellaneous Steen families of Scotch-Irish descent -- bk. 19. Miscellaneous Scandinavian families -- bk. 20. Steens in Holland.
0928566-1 Film Ohio History of Briggs family Emma Kinney item #1 on film-film filed in Washington state drawer
0928566-1 film Ohio Muskingum History of the Briggs family compiled by Emma Jane Briggs Kinney History of the Briggs family John Briggs and Mary Brown were married about 1765. John died in February, 1802 and Mary died July 12, 1806. Both are buried in the Old Burying Ground at Duncan Falls, Ohio.
1320503-6 Film Ohio Bible records, Baker and Schaaf, Shanesville, Ohio Janie Wheeler item #6 on film
1421599-13 Film Ohio Montgomery The Izor family William Izor and Eliza Jane Apple Maurice Dafler item # 13 on film
1421599-24 Film Ohio Seneca Family History of John Jacob Hunker June Hunker item # 24 on film
1421699-13 Film Ohio Jackson Birth and death records for Washington, Jackson, Ohio item #13 on film
1421699-17 Film Ohio Noble Index to Noble county cemeteries Mary Swann item #17 on film
1597620-17 Film Ohio Erie Frandsen family history Florence Frandsen Other surnames-Andrews, Asmus, Fox, Hess, Strong, Galloway, Hollister, Lamb, Lemunyon, Reeder item # 17 on film-film filed in Washington state drawer
1597831-13 Film Ohio Robert McCoy Coulter family records Harry Burcher item #13 on film-film filed in Washington state drawer
2055137 Film Ohio Mercer 1920 census index, Izard Co., Arkansas Mercer Co. OH cemetery inscriptions
2055404 Ohio The Roots and Branches of the Burke Family from Newark and Dayton, Ohio Curtiss N. Nolan, 1930 item 2
6016295 Fiche Ohio Index to History of Cincinnati & Hamilton County, Ohio Their past and present, including biographies and portraits of pioneers and respresentative citizens, etc. AAR thru HAI
6016296 Fiche Ohio Index to History of Cincinnati & Hamilton County, Ohio Their past and present, including biographies and portraits of pioneers and respresentative citizens, etc. HAI thru REN
6016297 Fiche Ohio Index to History of Cincinnati & Hamilton County, Ohio Their past and present, including biographies and portraits of pioneers and respresentative citizens, etc. REN thru ZUM
6017050 Fiche Ohio Prospect Funeral Directors Records Records of Tom Drake & Fred Gehm - 1907-1972
6017128 Fiche Ohio Stephenson Cemetery Inscriptions 1970-1974
6017143 Fiche Ohio A History of Clark Scott Roy D. Scott Clark Scott and his descendants
6018127 Fiche Ohio Licking Judge James Taylor
6018317 Fiche Ohio Sandusky The Story of Jonathan Rathbone, Jr. Floyd E. Neikirk
6018710 Fiche Ohio Champaign Quadrennial Appraisement 1910 Adams County Adams Township
6019936 Fiche Ohio The Cases of Granville, Ohio & Allied Families Mary C. Amner
6039412 Fiche Ohio The Widely Known "Western Reserve" of Ohio Mmeredith B. Colket
6046719 Fiche-3 Ohio Various County by County in Ohio Genealogy Petta Khouw
6046719 Film Ohio County by county in Ohio genealogy
6046795 Fiche Ohio Scioto Early Court Records of Scioto Co., Ohio Caryn R. Shoemaker
6048089 Fiche-4 Ohio Montgomery Twin Valley:Its Settlement & Subsequent History J.P. Hentz 1798-1882
6048109 Fiche-4 Ohio Ancestral Portraits of Ohio Settlers Con J. Fecher The Ancestral Tree includes Index: Darke, Bergmann, Lennartz, Moorman, Mercer, Nordenbrock
6050130 Fiche-3 Ohio Mongomery Administration and Wills 1805-1850 Rose Shilt Also Guardians 1805-1860
6050879 Fiche Ohio Brown Brown Co. Ohio Marriage Records 1818-1850 Patricia Donaldson
6050888 Fiche Ohio Fairfield Partition Record Abstracts 1812-1851 Books 1, 1a, 2 to 6
6051197 Fiche-3 Ohio Ohio Guide to Ohio County and Municipal Records for Urban Research Paul D. Yon
6051236 Fiche Ohio Ohio Land Grants Thomas E. Gerguson
6051289 Fiche-5 Ohio Ohio Wills & Estates to 1850 - an Index Carol Willsey Bell
6051390 Fiche-5 Ohio Ohio Marriages Extracted from the Old Northwest Genealogical Quarterly Marjorie Smith
6055233 6 fiche Ohio The Fritts--Fritz family newsletter (Toledo, Ohio) Fritts Cousins
6087501 Fiche-3 Ohio Index to the Microfilm Edition of Genealogical Data Relating to Women in the Western Reser Before 1840 i.e. 1850 - Index: Huron, Ashland, Ashtabula, Cuyahoga, Erie, Geauga, Lake, Lorain, Mahoning, Medina, Portage, Summit, Trumbull
6088384 Fiche-2 Ohio Pioneer Cemeteries of South Eastern Ohio Mrs. Robert M. Conner Founders' Cemetery and Old City Cemetery 1806-1951
6088729 Fiche Ohio Youngstown Index to History of Youngstown and the Mahoning Valley, Ohio Jos. G. Butler Vol. I, II, III
6088941 Fiche-3 Ohio Adams Adams County, Ohio Cemeteries
6089191 Fiche Ohio Index to Ohio Valley Genealogies Charles A. Hanna Relating chiefly to families in Harrison, Belmont and Jefferson Counties, Ohio, and Washington, Westmoreland, and Fayette Counties, Pennsylvania
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