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Location: Rhode Island
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CAT# Type Location County Title Author Subject Notes
0022324-13 Film Rhode Island Squire Bucklin of Foster, Rhode Island item #13 on film
0022324-15 Film Rhode Island Burlingame family records item # 15 and 16 on film
0022324-17 Film Rhode Island the BUTTS family of Rhode Island 1660-1948 item #17 on film
0022324-19 Film Rhode Island BUXTON family genealogy item #19 on film
0022324-2 Film Rhode Island The BARBER family of Rhode Island Ernest East item #2 on film
0022324-3 Film Rhode Island BARTON family records Martha Benns item #3 on film
0022324-4 Film Rhode Island Family of Samuel BATES of Scituate, Rhode Island Frank Bates item #4 on film
0022324-5 Film Rhode Island BROWN family, Daniel Brown and his descendants P F Pierce item #5 on film
0022324-7 Film Rhode Island genealogy of John Angell BROMWELL, Dorothea DeWolf BROWNELL,Margaret Knowlton BROWNELL, Thomas Church BROWNELL Thomas Brownell item #7 on film
0022324-9 Film Rhode Island Warwick BROWNING burial grounds, Apponaug, Warwick, Rhode Island item #9 on film
0874423-1 Film Rhode Island An elaborate history and genealogy of the Ballous in America Adin Ballou item #1 on film
6046533 Fiche Rhode Island The Williams Arnold Outline Charles R. Arnold A list of persons surnamed Arnold. Descendants of William Arnold of Providence and Pawtuxet, Rhode Island
6046673 Fiche-4 Rhode Island Guide to the Public Statistics Records Hist. Rec. Survey Births, Marriages, Deaths
6046912 Fiche-176 Rhode Island Various Vital Record of Rhode Island 1636-1850 James N. Arnold Births, Marriages, and Deaths Vol. 1 to 15