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Location: Saarland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia
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CAT# Type Location County Title Author Subject Notes
1750771-28 Film Saarland, Pennsylvania, West Virginia The Seiberts of Saarland, Pennsylvania and West Virginia Bell, Raymond Martin, 1907-1999 (Main Author) Seibert, Haffner, Kuntzer, Lauer, Schutz, Theiss Gisch Jacob Seibert (d. 1761 Pa.), his brother Wendel (d. 1740 Pa.) and their second cousins, Jacob Seibert (d. 1758W. Va.), and Wendel (d. 1802 W. Va.) all came to Berks County, Pennsylvania in 1738 from Eitzweiler and Sőterm in Germany. Descendants lived in Pennsylvania, West Virginia, Virginia, Maryland, Ohio, and elsewhere.