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Location: Wenatchee FHC
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CAT# Type Location County Title Author Subject Notes
1 Equip Wenatchee FHC Douglas Microfilm Reader - Printer Hank LuBean There is one microfilm reader printer in the Wenatchee FHC. It is a Canon Model: Microfilm Scanner 300. It will only do black and white. There are also flatbed scanners available for colored uses.
1 to 3 Equip Wenatchee FHC Douglas Microfilm readers Hank LuBean The Wenatchee WA FHC has 3 manual microfilm readers. These readers are of the hand crank style with brand name of: Northwest MIcrofilm 2020.
1 to 9 Equip Wenatchee FHC Douglas PCs in the Wenatchee Washington FHC Hank LuBean Equipment: There are 9 PCs in the WEnatchee Washington FHC. One is the server, eight are useable for any purpose. One is used mainly for viewing and printing microfilm records but can be used for other purposes as well.